Beach Wheelchairs


The Landeez is expertly engineered by top professionals in the healthcare and aerospace industry.

The frame is constructed of marine-grade stainless steel. This is the material chosen over other materials by high-end yacht manufacturers and for aerospace applications. It has been selected by these industries because of its combined strength and corrosion-resistant properties. Natural Access has been making the Landeez since 1993. Original Landeez from 1993 are still in daily service today. Natural Access has built a reputation for quality and service among lovers of nature worldwide.

The Landeez is the most portable and convenient all-terrain wheelchair on the market.

The Landeez truly disassembles completely so you can transport and store easily. No other wheelchair anywhere has these design features. In actual use, portability makes a big difference to your experience. Other wheelchairs allow you to remove only certain pieces of the wheelchair while the main frame does not disassemble. This means you are left with large sections of the wheelchair which are cumbersome to transport. Only the Landeez can be completely or partially disassembled without tools for your convenience.

All our equipment may be covered under insurance so please call us and inquire about insurance coverage. We will check your coverage and bill insurance on your behalf and it may be free of charge.

We can deliver the equipment directly to your home or you can pick it up in one of our locations.

Items are available for private purchase.