Portable Oxygen Concentrators


Portable oxygen concentrator (or POC) is a portable device used to provide oxygen therapy to patients at substantially higher oxygen concentrations than the levels of ambient air. It is very similar to a home oxygen concentrator, but is smaller in size and more mobile. The portable oxygen concentrator makes it easy for patients to travel freely; they are small enough to fit in a car and many concentrators are now FAA-approved.

  • Allows patients to utilize oxygen therapy 24/7, which helps increase survival.
  • Portable oxygen concentrators help improve exercise tolerance, as supplemental oxygen during exercise helps you exercise longer.
  • Helps increase stamina throughout day-to-day activities.
  • Freedom to travel lightly and easily. No need to carry around heavy oxygen tanks which are difficult, heavy, and dangerous (explosive properties).

All our equipment may be covered under insurance so please call us and inquire about insurance coverage. We will check your coverage and bill insurance on your behalf and it may be free of charge.

We can deliver the equipment directly to your home or you can pick it up in one of our locations.

Items are available for private purchase.